System Requirements


Lands Design requires Rhino 6 SR14 or Rhino 7 to run.


Hardware requirements are the same as for Rhino 6.


Lands Design has a user friendly installation wizard that automates the process.

It installs by default in: C:\Program Files\Lands Design (Rhino 6).

After you have installed the program, click on the Lands Design shortcut icon to run the software. A dialog box will appear asking you for the unit system you want to use, according to two different templates:

  • Metric (International) - (Lands Design - Meters.3dm)
  • Imperial (US) - (Lands Design - Feet.3dm)
Lands Design template list.
Lands Design template list

If you want to start a new document, go to Rhino Menu > File > New, and select the Lands Design folder in the Rhino templates dialog to select one of the Lands Design templates.

In Rhino 6 Lands Design templates are stored in the following directory:
C:\Users\"UserName"\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Localization\en-US\Template Files\Lands Design
(This directory corresponds to the en-US templates folder. Change "en-US" to the corresponding language folder to find the other directories where the Lands Design templates are stored in different languages).